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WHITE WINE "La Daurèle" 2015
Brilliant pale hue.
Compelling nose recalling plum, fennel and linden.
On the palate, a round full wine revealing generous, honest aromatics. Fresh with a spicy mid-palate.
RED WINE "Laurances" 2015
Dark garnet with dark purple tints.
Pleasurable nose of blackberry and raspberry with refined spices.
A welcoming spontaneous and robust wine on the palate showing lovely exuberance and freshness. Firm, spicy finish. A successful effort.
RED WINE "Estelles" 2014
Nice dark colour with purple tints.
Very nice feeling in the mouth, with a lot of roundness, nice and soft tannins, and a long finish on black fruits and spices.
A wine who can be appreciated right now and with a very nice keeping potential.
RED WINE "Les Merrelies" 2014
Limpid crimson with youthful highlights.
Promising nose of red and black fruits with mild spices and subtle oak in the background.
Silky attack, a powerful yet delightful wine with fully open fruit and spice aromas. Young and firm tannins.
RED WINE "Réserve" 2011
Dark crimson tinged with dark purple.
Endearing nose of blackberry, blackcurrant, liquorice and mild spices with subtile oak. Powerful, robust and virile palate supported by a substancial, lively structure with no heavyness. Firm finish. A successful wine.



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