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Following my father's retirement, 2006 is the year of the business resumption and is thus the first year of exploitation and the discovery of the specificities of our vineyard.
Through the consultation of our Internet web site, you will follow on line the creation then the evolution of a lately last wine property at the stage of the wine-making then, soon, marketing of its wines.
In the first stage:
- Many investments are in process in order to put the materials in conformity and to ensure the future wine-makings.
- Modifications are made to the vineyard so that it better answers the new requirements for quality.
Luckily, the weather in 2006 was favorable and made it possible to harvest grapes with an impressive potential.
In the second year: 
- The investment continues, as many points are to improve whether in the vineyard and in the cellar. 
- A substantial part of my time is used to make our wines known. I particularly appreciate the 
Meeting and the exchange of ideas with the world of the wine sellers and the wine lovers. 
In the third year: 
- Based on the experience of the previous two years, the aim is to affirm the high quality of our Wines. 
- The search for new markets is becoming a necessity in order to sustain operations.

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