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The vintages

Vintage 2006
Following my father's retirement, 2006 is the year of the business resumption and is thus the first year of exploitation and the discovery of specificities of our vineyard.
The year 2006 was particularly dry. The winter 2005-2006 was very cold and dry. 25cm snow fell on January 27. Spring also was very dry. The end of June and July were particularly hot. August had moderate temperature and windy weather. The end of August and the beginning of September saw the return of heat. The summer rains were not very important but sufficient for the vine which, do not forget it, is a plant well adapted to dryness. The relative freshness of August made it possible to the vine to synthetize color and tannins whitch explains the great richness of this year's wines.
The wine year really begins in November with the pruning of the vine. The pruning of the vine finishes at the end of February.
Then, the work of the vineyard is continued by the training of the young vines. 
Then work comes the ground works with the cleaning of the vineyard, followed by the disbudding which makes it possible to keep only the useful branches, then the trainings follow. 
These operations finish at the end of May. 
Mohamed, present for 12 years on the property has been the project superintendent. 
In June, the operations multiply with the toppings and the beginning of the green harvest in order to keep only the most interesting bunches. 
Simon comes to reinforce the team. 

In July, the green harvest finishes while other works are done. 

Sandrine, Jerome and Anthony come to help us. 

From mid-April to the end of July, plant health treatments are carried out in order to protect the vineyard. These treatments are carried out in the respect of nature by reasoning their release. Christophe, a service provider is doing these treatments using a perfectly adapted material.

The harvest begins very early because of the summer heat and the small amount of grapes.
The first whites are harvested on August 29 and August 30. 
The harvesting team will be complete on September 4, day of the true beginning of the grape harvest. 
In red, the syrah grapes are harvested first. Then the black grenache are harvested too. 
Maturity and grapes are perfect.
The team is made with Jean Claude who ensures the carrying of the grapes to my winery, then of Bruno, Martine, Veronique, Florence, Herve, Mohamed, Michael, Jessica, and finally Monique and Nicolas, our son, who is there less frequently because the priority for him is school and homeworks. 
The absence of rains during the harvest enabled us to harvest the grapes quickly on a dry and perfectly practicable ground for the materials. 

The wine makings proceeded then perfectly well and predict a very nice vintage. 


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