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Vintage 2015
Winter 2015 was normally cold, with enough frost. It was also particularly watered, so that by the end of winter, phreatic reserves were  filled up.
The end of winter was cool, even cold, which resulted in a rather late bud. The vegetation delay is estimated at two weeks compared with 2014 (which was rather early year).
In spring we have had long period without rain since March 15 until April 15. Then we have had the passage of rains with a frequency of 7 days. These rains do not bring a lot of water, but help maintain adequate moisture for the vineyard. The temperature was mild during this period. The vegetation grows rapidly.
Flowering began on May 12th with the Grenache grape in sheltered areas at Châteauneuf du Pape. Full bloom was on May 24 with Grenache grape in Séguret. This period was very windy, but with a proper temperature, although lower than the seasonal averages, without any consequences for the crop.
The month of May was a whole, rather cool and windy (Mistral).
From mid-June June until late July, we have had warm temperatures and great drought. The first terrace in Séguret has had a storm with some rain on July 23. This rain enabled a regular water supply of the vine until the harvests and the harvests on this place was much earlier here that on other sectors.
We have had some storms in August. They helped to ensure a regular supply of water to the vine.
The harvest began on August 28 with the white grape varieties at the Domaine Amauve.
This year, we have found a larger than usual gap between the maturity of white grapes and the maturity of red grapes. The red grapes were harvested from 8 to 15 September. At this moment, they were perfectly ripe.
That must be noted was the exceptional quality of the harvest, with very beautiful maturity and without any trace of disease.
The winemaking was easy.
White wines have a pretty pale color, and a nice aromatic expression.
The red wines are colorful, with a good tannic structure on fine and sweet tannins, and have a nice fruity expression. They are wines who can be kept, but they also have the advantage of being accessible quickly.
It seems that our region has taken advantage of these exceptional conditions to produce a very good vintage. More broadly, all the vineyards of our country seem to have been favored.

Our harvester's team for 2015 was : Claudine, Mohamed, Laurence, Juliette, Bruno, Lucas, Isabelle, Denis, Alexandre, Hervé.


The harvester's team in  2015.

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