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Vintage 2017
The Winter 2017 was normally cold, but dry.
The mild weather starts from the end of February.
There follows an alternation of mild periods and cold and windy periods.
On the night of April 20th, a wave of icy air settled over France. The temperature falls down to -6 ° C on some areas. All vineyards have been affected.
Our sector of Séguret was miraculously preserved because of the Mistral wind who was blowing and homogenizes the temperatures.
The rains fall were late, from March to June, which has allow a good water supply of the vine until the end of August.
The first treatments of the vine are difficult to do because of wind or rain.
We punctually had some storms. Sometimes they bring some hail. Some vineyards have been affected like the East side of Châteauneuf du Pape.
Some big variations in temperature at the beginning of June have had as result an important fruit set (coulure) on the Grenache.
From mid-June, a great drought starts.
The heat comes also at this time, but without becoming too hot.
On August 31th, in Séguret, the rainfall since the beginning of the year are only 294 mm.
The grapes ripen slowly due to lack of water.
Some berries are already lacking of water. The berries are small. Yields will be low.
The clays present in the soil at Séguret still provide a minimum water supply.
We have already had some dry vintages such as 1989, we know the crop will be small, but the quality of the grapes will be great.

At the Domaine de l'Amauve, the harvests have began on August 21th.
The first grapes harvested were Grenache blanc and Viognier.
Then we continue the harvests with the first rosé wine ever made at Domaine de l’Amauve : (IGP Vaucluse and AOC CDR Villages SEGURET).
The first red grapes are harvested on August 28th. The drought is then well established. The harvest ends on September 12th. It was time, the vines began to suffer.
The quality of the grapes was absolutely perfect. The quality of the juices suggests an excellent vintage, without excess of maturity.

In conclusion, 2017 will be a reference year for drought, with small generalized yields and a very nice quality which is confirmed during the winemaking.


Grenache Noir grapes concentrated by the drought.
Raisins concentres par la secheresse..
The team for the harvests in  2017.
Vendangeurs 2017.
In 2016, the team was :
Mohamed, Denis, Juliette, Laurence, Monique, Paul. Then Hervé and Vincent (not on the photo).


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