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Vintage 2021

After a mild Autumn and a particularly cold, dry and windy Winter (Mistral), we had an exceptionally mild Spring. The rain has not really been there since the 2020 harvest. Only 280 mm of rain fell during these months of Autumn 2020 and Winter 2020-2021, which is far from normal (400 to 500 mm). The vegetation as a whole was at risk of having difficulties to support the heat of the summer - unless the end of Spring was watered... Which was finally the case.
The vegetation finally received enough rain in the spring for a good water supply in the summer.

The bud break (opening of the buds) took place towards the end of March, slightly later than in 2020,
The highlight of 2021 was the frost on April 8 which affected all the vineyards.

This period of frost was followed by a great coolness, then by a changing climate, sometimes cool and windy, sometimes normally warm. All this led to a significant delay in vegetation.
We had good rains at the end of April, then in May and June.
At the end of June, the delay in vegetation is about 10 days compared to 2020,

The vineyard remained healthy, even if the spring rains allowed downy mildew to develop. However, this disease pressure remained under control.
Following the frost, we noticed a heterogeneous output of grapes, with small clusters.
Some Grenache grapes were affected by coulure, which will have an additional impact on the 2021 harvest.

A nice rain in early July and another one in early August helped to maintain the vegetation.
The vine, like all the other vegetation, did not suffer from drought during the summer.

The temperature variations during the summer, combined with the cold spring, caused a significant delay in the maturity of the vines.
The harvest started on September 9th at Domaine de l'Amauve, 3 weeks later than in 2020 (it must be said that 2020 was a particularly early year).

Heavy rains fell on the vineyard from September 15th.
However, the harvest was already well advanced at Domaine de l'Amauve.
The alternating grass cover allowed the pickers to work on dry ground without any problem.

The winemaking went perfectly well.
Only the malolactic fermentations were rather slow. They were nevertheless finished at the end of December.

The year 2021 can be characterized as a rather cold year. The weather conditions in this vintage are reminiscent of the beginning of global warming 20 years ago.
The white and rosť wines are aromatic, fresh and fruity, with a nice roundness and very reasonable alcohol levels.
The red wines are less loaded with alcohol and their concentration in color and tannins is less important. They are therefore more focused on freshness, finesse of tannins, and fruity expression.
They are wines that will present a great drinkability even when young.

The team for the harvests in  2021.
Vendangeurs 2021...

In 2021, the harvesting team was composed of Laurence, Juliette, Caroline, Christel, Paul, Olin, Jean-Pierre, Monique.

In the cellar : Nicolas and Christian.


A thought for Mohamed who worked at the domain for 25 years, first with my father (Louis), then from 2006 with me (Christian). Mohamed left us suddenly at the end of this year.


The 2021 wines from Domaine de l'Amauve are getting the organic certification.
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